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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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Congratulations!  You've been doing your homework.  Our puppies are very special to us, so as responsible breeders, we do our homework too.  We require each prospective buyer to complete an application form which is used to help us make the best matches between our puppies and their new homes.  All puppies are sold with a contract that includes a limited health warrantee as well a a non- breeding agreement unless otherwise arranged.



Thank you for you interest in Si Dang Thai Kennels Thai Ridgeback puppies. This questionnaire is intended to assist in correctly matching the puppy to their new homes and to be sure that prospective puppy buyers have completely considered all the aspects of owning a Thai Ridgeback puppy.


Our goal is a happy home for puppy and family for a lifetime.


Thank you






City State Zip

Home Phone

Work Phone

Cell Phone




How did you find Si Dang Thai Kennels?


Are you interested in

male female either?


Are you interested in

Red, Blue, Black or Fawn?


Why are you interested in getting a Thai Ridgeback puppy? Be specific please.   


Are you aware of their temperaments, describe please.


Are you aware of their medical problems, if any, describe please.


Are you planning to do any competition or performance activities? If so, what?


Have you ever had a dog before? What kind(s)? Where did you get it (them)?


What happened to it(them) if you don't still have it(them)?


Have you ever raised a puppy before?


What other breeders have you contacted?


Are you on any other waiting lists? Which ones?


Please describe your family, listing family members and ages


Do you rent or own?


Do you have a fenced in yard?


Please describe your home and the area where your Thai Ridgeback

puppy will be living and sleeping.


Puppies need to be able to go out several times during the day. Is someone

home during the day, or if not, what are your plans to arrange for mid-day care for your puppy?


Please provide 2 references - name, address, city, state, zip, phone and/or e-mail.



A deposit of $ 500.00 Canadian is required which is refundable only if I cannot provide you with a puppy.  A receipt is provided.



Please mail, e-mail the completed form to:

Cindy VanDerVelden

Si Dang Thai Kennels

22 Stone St.

Elmvale,  Ontario  L0L 1P0



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