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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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Is the TRD for you?
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When considering a Thai Ridgeback Dog, or any breed for that matter, it is important to look at temperament and personality as well as the physical beauty, grace and elegance that is so appealing about the TRD. 


All breeds were bred for an original purpose, and although today most dogs are mainly pets they will still maintain many of the same instincts for the purpose that they were bred.  When talking about the temperament of the Thai Ridgeback Dog it must be remembered that they have been used for centuries as a hunter, a guard dog and a companion.  They were often expected to provide for themselves and hunt on their own for food, which has given them strong survival instincts and a very high level of intelligence.


In general, the Thai Ridgeback Dog is a fun-loving dog with a get up and go attitude and seems to have a great joy for life.  They are affectionate with their families and seem to relish in the comforts of their home.  They are not high-strung, but do require their regular periods of exercise.  They seem to cherish the warmest and sunniest spot in the house, especially if it is your couch or bed.  If this is not acceptable, it must be strictly enforced at a young age.


There use as a hunting dog seems to have contributed a great amount to their personalities.  They are alert and aware of their surroundings, and love the thrill of the chase.  They are quick, agile and possess great jumping abilities.  They require a fenced yard to prevent them from wandering in the pursuit of their prey (look out birds and squirrels).


The Thai Ridgeback Dog is very affectionate and playful with their owners, when they want it.  They are often very busy, they love to play tug of war, have chew toys and can amuse themselves for a very long time.  Their attitude towards strangers can range from shy to aloof to very sociable.  It is very important that the young TRB gets a lot of early socialization, early being the key.  In the first year, especially in the first four months, for this is the key time for exposing them to as many different situations as possible.  This is key to a happy and well-adjusted TRD as well as consistent and proper training.  This applies to any breed from my point of view.


In training the TRD, the key to success is utilizing the proper methods.  Motivation and flexibility are both important.  A TRD likes to think about what it is being asked to do and then decide if it is in their best interest to do it.  They must be encouraged through positive reinforcement methods and do not do well with heavy-handed corrections such as leash jerking and hitting.  They can easily become stubborn and defiant if improper methods are used.  If done properly they show a great eagerness to please.  They are quick learners, and display a high level of intelligence.


When considering a TRD, ask yourself what you expect from your dog. How much time can you dedicate to your dog?  To be a well-adjusted member of your family and society, they will need socialization and training.  Some breeds will fit into a home successfully with housebreaking as the only training it gets, aTRD will not.  If you dedicate the time for training and learn to communicate with your Thai Ridgeback Dog properly, you will be rewarded with a dog that will be your best friend and win your heart over and over again.


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