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Dermoid sinus is a congenital tubelike skin channel.  This condition is fairly rare, but it has been observed in the breeds Rodesian Ridgeback and the Thai Ridgeback dog.  This defect implies the channel to asct as a connection between different kinds of body tissues and the skin.  The sinus is attached to dorsal ligament and goes through the tissues up to the skin.


The dermoid sinus may or may not contain hair follicles.  The sinus is generally found on the midline of the neck, the back and the tail.  Sinus has also been detected around the neck and more unusual on other parts of the body, for example on the head, the bodysides and on the hindquarters. 


A non-infected dermoid sinus does not cause the dog any problems but sooner or later a dormant sinus ill call ones attention.  The sinus will be filled with skin debris and hair and the bodys natural response to this is an infection.  The infection causes painful and serious problems for the dog.  Surgery of the sinus is the only secure way of treatment, but some dogs will no be cured anyway.


The dermoid sinus is an inheritance congenital disorder in the early skin development.  The exact mode of the inheritance of the drmoid sinus is not known. It can be one or multiple genes that are being expressed.  There are also probably and environmental factor involved in the development of the disease.  Affected pups can often be identified before leaving the breeder.  An affected dog would not be considered as breeding material