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Meet Malee - means-  flower  

( Aka Hannah )   

She is our three year old Red female TRD.  She has a very typical TRD personality except for being reserved, she loves just about everyone she has ever met.   She is very protective of our house and family.  She is extremely loving and very gentle especially with younge children.   She has a strong maternal instinct and has loved having puppies in the house even when they weren't her's.   Now that she has had her own litter this instinct is even stronger, she has shown to be an excellent mom producing strong, healthy, happy well adjusted puppies.  Other than being with her puppies, her happiest monements are sitting in a wicker chair on the front porch watching the world go by, lounging in the sunniest part of the house or having the top of her tail rubbed.
She conforms to breed standard and has a very royal look about her, especially when she does her Royal pose with her front legs crossed and a regal almost bored look upon her face.  She has shown in local Rare Breed shows and has won awards but has not completed her championship points to date.  Hopefully, someday we will complete this, but as this is the last place on earth she wants to be it may prove a difficult thing to do.
Hannah has a very strong prey drive.  She is extremely obedient, agile and intelligent.  Her greatest passion is tracking.   Our trainer calls her a tracking machine.  This spring we hope to compete in this field and blow everyone away with her skills.  We also hope to complete our Schuthund B this summer as well. 
Hannah is a truly wonderful and very important member of our family and is loved by all who meet her.