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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in Si Dang Thai Kennels and our Thai Ridgeback dogs.  My name is Cindy VanDerVelden.  I live in a quiet little town just north of Barrie, Ontario called Wasaga Beach.  I am married with two boys age 14 & 16.

I have owned many different breeds over the years but have never been as involved in the dog world like I am now.    This happened about five years ago when a friend of ours asked for help.  He had imported three Thai Ridgebacks ( three whats )  and had to go back to Thailand could we look after them while he was gone.   From that moment on I was hooked.  Since that time I have become involved in showing ( although this is not my favorite past-time), tracking, obedience, shutzhund training, starting a club and whelping puppies.  Shutzhund training with our main focus being obedience and Tracking are certainly our forte.

The Thai Ridgeback is the most fascinating breed I have ever owned.  They are extremely intelligent, hard working and very loyal to their families.  Basically this breed will do anything that is asked of them. These dogs are truly a wonderful and unique breed and will not be manhandled by anyone.  They give respect and expect it back.

Hopefully I will provided you with the knowledge required to make educated decisions regarding this breed and if this is the breed for you and your family.   I hope I will show my commitement to the breed and to the families that buy my puppies.  I ask a lot of questions of potenial buyers, some people think this is a bad thing, most people, I think, will agree that this is a good thing both for the buyer and the puppy.  This breed is not a breed for everyone and  buyers need to choose wisely.  

My goal as a responsible breeder is educate, preserve, and promote this rare and unique breed in Canada as well as to breed well adjusted, healthy and friendly Thai Ridgeback dogs.  To help potential buyers to understand and appreciate the needs of the Thai Ridgeback dog and maybe if they are as lucky as I have been to experience the happiness and excitement of owning one of these very special friends.  I understand the need for honesty and  I expect honesty back from my buyers.  I am 100%  commited to my breeding progam and my dogs. 

Hopefuly you will see not only the beauty of this rare and wonderful breed but the intelligence and versitility as well.  They are truly a breed that can do it all.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.



Founding Member ( President)

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