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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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What you can expect from us as your puppies breeder



We at Si Dang Thai Kennels will do all that we can to ensure that all our puppies are happy and well adjusted, ready for their new home.


We start by maintaining a healthy and happy Mom who lives in an impeccably clean environment.  We provide and extra large whelping area with access to a large exercise pen.  We feed only the best dog and puppy food as well as provide supplements to our moms for extra health and vigor if needed.


The puppies are given lots of love and attention from the day they are born.  Our two sons love to handle and play with the puppies, which ensures that they are child friendly right from the beginning.


We maintain strict health practices and it is this reason that puppy buyers are not allowed to visit until the puppies are six weeks old.  This is when their vaccination program begins.  We worm on a regular basis starting at three weeks old.


Puppies will not be released prior to eight weeks of age.  The time frame between 6-8 weeks of age is a critical time for the puppys development of their personalities and during that time they learn many things from each other.  This interaction teaches them many valuable lessons- what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior, discipline, and the concept of the pack hierarchy and order.


This is also an important time for us as a breeder to evaluate each puppys conformation, temperament and demeanor.  We will know which is the best for breeding and show purposes, who is dominant and who is submissive in temperament.  It is important to match a puppys personality to the wants and needs of the new owners and their families.


My Promise to You the Buyer:  I will stand behind all of my puppies and will offer permanent homes to any puppy that has not worked out with their new family.  I will replace any puppy for tempermant if our contract requirements have been met. I will educate our potential new owners of the characteristics and temperaments of this breed to ensure the puppies and the owners well being. I am 100% commited to the families that purchase one of Si Dang Thai kennels puppies, for the life of the puppy.

The TRD makes a wonderful pet, but proper education is crucial as this not a breed for everyone. By educating each potential owner and with proper interviewing, I can help you decide if a Thai Ridgeback puppy is for you!

I suggest stongely that you to come visit us and see this breed up close and in real life, this will help you in deciding if a Thai Ridgeback puppy is for you. You will see them interact, and be able to see their temperaments when properly trained. This is very important, as I feel seeing them is an intrical part in understanding and appreciating this breed.   This is truly a wonderul and unique breed.

Thank you for your interest in this beautiful and wonderfully unique breed, the Thai Ridgeback Dog.


Cindy VanDerVelden


What we expect from you the buyer


The goal of Si Dang Thai Kennels is to match a puppy to a new owner that will result in a positive and happy relationship for you and the lifetime of the puppy.  In order to achieve this we need buyers to be honest in their expectations of their new puppy.


We need to know your level of experience and history of dog ownership.  It is very easy to get caught up in their glamorous and regal appearance without fully understanding the needs and temperaments of the Thai Ridgebacks.  Once we have a clear understanding of your wants and expectations, we can match a puppy to you.


We expect the new puppy owners to have a full understanding of the temperament of the Thai Ridgeback and will be able and willing to provide the puppy adequate care, a fenced yard, training and love.  The Thai Ridgeback needs to be a member of the family and requires a commitment for the life of your new puppy.  At the time of purchase we require a signed contract.  We also require that if for any reason you cannot continue with the above care you return the puppy to us.

Founding Member (President)

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