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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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Mission Statement
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Thai Ridgeback Club of Canada - T.R.C.C.



The goal of our kennel is to educate, preserve, and promote this rare and unique breed in Canada as well as to breed well adjusted, healthy and friendly happy Thai Ridgeback dogs.  We take pride in being the second Canadian Breeder of this beautiful, wonderfully unique and fascinating rare breed.


Our quest is to acquire perfection in our breeding program and will be met when we consistently produce Thai Ridgeback dogs that are healthy in body and temperment as well as structurally sound and are correct in conformation.  Ours is a true commitment to the Thai Ridgeback Dog as a breed.


Our plan is to only select healthy dogs for breeding as well they must be an example of only the highest quality of the breed standard.  All dogs have faults, but by trying to match the breeding pair that best compliment each other we hopefully will eliminate these faults as time goes on and produce the best ever Thai Ridgeback Dogs.

Founding Member ( President )

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