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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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Si Dang Thai Kennels breeds for quality, not quantity and currently produces one litter per year.  While I want to create the perfect Thai Ridgeback, I know this is an ideal rather than a reality. There is no perfect dog.  I do, however, strive to:

  1.      be a responsible breeder
  2.     be an ethical breeder
  3.     produce healthy dogs with excellent temperaments
  4.     produce Thai Ridgebacks with versatility and working abilities
  5.     produce Thai Ridgebacks with excellent conformation.

Improving the breed is something else I strive to do.  Admittedly, the improvement is limited to my pedigree lines rather than the breed overall, given my very low breeding rate.  To improve my dogs, I carefully select breeding stock with outstanding qualities that adhere to breed standard.  

I don't breed Thai Ridgebacks just to meet public demand or to help offset costs of my other dogs. 

Puppies are only sold to loving and caring buyers who are willing to give their Thai Ridgebacks a loving home and hopefully some kind of a "career".    I ask potential buyers, I don't demand it, that they become involved in either conformation, obedience, tracking, field trials or agility, because this breed is one of the most versatile breed in the world.  The Thai Ridgeback excels in just about everything they do and enjoy lots of activities.  Without a purpose in their life they could become bored and unhappy.  If this happens problems arise in personality and temperament.   Training and being actively involved with your dog also enhances the human/animal bond which is so rewarding for the creatures at both ends of the leash.  A puppy that is not show quality can still compete in obedience, agility, flyball, fieldtrials, tracking etc for the same reasons. 

In general, I don't usually sell my puppies to homes with children under the age of eight.  While the breed can be good around children if properly socialized, Thai Ridgebacks are a primative breed that requires a lot of socialization and training.  High energy dogs combined with high energy children make for a wild household.  In the competition for parents' time, it's the Thai Ridgeback that usually loses out.  

Our dogs reside inside our house as our family members, not in outdoor kennels.  They each have their own crates and beds.  They are allowed on the furniture in our family room.  Sometimes it's a challenge for the humans to get sufficient space on the couch but we've managed to squeeze in one adult Thai Ridgeback, current puppies and four humans.  It makes for a very cosy arrangement.  Our puppies are whelped and raised inside the house with mom avaliable to them at all times.  


  1. To investigate and combat breed-specific health problems and to screen and clear all breeding stock we own against dermoid sinus before breeding.
  2. To breed the healthiest, most beautiful and intelligent Thai Ridgebacks with the best temperaments possible.
  3. To produce quality litters from time to time.
  4. To educate our puppy buyers in the joys and responsibilities of owning and raising a Thai Ridgeback and to encourage them to get involved in conformation, obedience, field, tracking, agility and other canine activities to stimulate their dogs and to enhance the human/animal bond.
  5. To keep the Thai Ridgeback breed versatile by training, competing and earning "degrees" with our dogs in rare breed conformation, obedience, and field, as well as other canine sports where time and money permit.
  6. To provide a lifetime commitment to the dogs I breed and sell.


  • Whelped and raised with love inside our home  
  • Gently handled by humans every day
  • Wormed and given up-to-date inoculations
  • Weaning begins at around 4-5 weeks
  • Remain with the mother for the entire time and play with our older dogs when ready 
  • Registered with the United Kennel Club
  • Crate-trained
  • Increasingly exposed to a variety of visual, auditory and tactile stimuli 
  • Socialized and not less than 8 weeks of age before leaving for their new home
  • Sold to approved homes only and matched to owners' needs and interests
  • Show-potential dogs are co-owned with the breeder until the dog turns 5 years of age or are spayed/neutered.  



  1. Separate sales agreements for non-show (companion-only) and show-potential puppies
  2. Starter kit of food and water (unless shipped by air) and written instructions on feeding and training
  3. 3 or 4 generation pedigree and copies of sire's & dam's pedigrees and health certificates
  4. Puppy photos and photos of dam and sire emailed
  5. Follow-up information and assistance



Highlights of Breeder's Commitments and Guarantees:

  • Puppy's on a non-breeding contract must be spayed or neutered by six months of age with vet certificate at which time registration papers will be sent
  • Lifetime return policy (I require that my dogs be returned to me f it doesn't work out with the owner)
  • Dogs are registered with United Kennel Club
  • To provide as much information and support as possible to assist owners with the health, well-being and training of their puppies


Highlights of commitments I seek from owners:

  • Raise the puppy with love in a stable, non-smoking environment
  • Crate the puppy when owners are out
  • Provide fresh water and feed high quality dog food
  • Provide vigorous daily exercise
  • Keep dog at its ideal weight with nails trimmed
  • Not leave the dog tied up in a yard for extended periods of time
  • Complete one basic puppy minimum 8-week training sessions and one obedience min 8-week training session before the pup's first birthday
  • Train for and try to complete one title on the dog by its third birthday
  • Show show-quality dogs to attain a championship title
  • Keep dog vaccinated annually and free of parasites  
  • Spay/neuter non-show-quality dogs or dogs that will not be used for breeding by six months of age 
  • Agreement to co-own show-potential puppies until the dog's 5th birthday

I care deeply what happens to my dogs and my commitment to them lasts their lifetime!

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