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Si Dang Thai Ridgeback Kennels

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General appearance and characteristics


The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a medium to large sized dog with short hair forming a ridge along its back.  It has a noble appearance; the ears are upright and a little bit forward (they are not cut).  The tail is held upright curving over the back.  The body is slightly longer then its height at the withers.  The muscles are well developed. They have excellent obedience skills and are the master of agility.  The breed has won many obedience trials in Thailand.  The males measure 22 to 241/2 inches at the withers and weight from 42 to 60 lbs.  The females measure 21 to 231/2 inches at the withers and weighs 27 to 50 lbs.  The come in red, blue, black and fawn.  The ridge pattern on their back has eight different recognized patterns.


Thai Ridgeback Dogs bred in Thailand are often kennel raised and may not be very well socialized.  However when hand- raised and properly socialized they are very good with people.  They are gentle with their families and the people they are introduced to.  They do not bark much unless there is a disturbance of some sort or they have learned bad manners from boredom.  They are clever and learn quickly and with pleasure but this goes in hand with a quiet, solid and consistent education.  The Thai Ridgeback Dog is adverse to a hard approach and more than likely would turn against this very quickly.





8 Ridges of the Thai Ridgeback